Accompany individuals and groups to do the difficult but crucial work of developing the self as the instrument of change. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

I provide compassionate challenge so you can move from where you are to where you want to be.

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Custom-designed small and large scale transformation solutions for individuals, groups and organizations.

Questions are more powerful than answers. I use Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and other tools to drive your organization forward, embedding a continuous loop of learning you’re your organization


My Specialty: Clergyclergy_4000x1500

I am clergy.
My husband is clergy.
My dad was clergy.
His dad was clergy.
My uncle was clergy.

I understand the dynamics of clergy family life, the challenges associated with the work, and the ups and downs of such a calling; from family life to church life and life with in the larger denomination. I learned that sometimes, church leaders have to find ways to “work around“ the very system that is meant to be a support structure.  All of these experiences led me to return to graduate school and receive a Masters of Science in Organization Development.


Why do I do this work?

I am United Methodist. We have a wonderful book called the “Book of Discipline” in which all the mysteries of heaven and hell are held. Paragraph 340 denotes the “Fourfold ministry” of word, sacrament, order, and service, which are to be carried out by pastoral leaders.

Check. Took Old and New Testament, extra class on Job, practiced teaching Bible studies in student churches, took the two required plus one elective preaching classes.

Check. Brilliant professors taught me through worship, ethics, and theology classes. Check, check, check.

What’s that? Administration? Filling out paperwork? Here is where I stumbled. According to the “Book” order means, “To be responsible for organizational faithfulness, goal setting, planning, and evaluation.”

Not check. Nyet. Nada. Strategic planning? Was that offered? I remember a class about administration. I think I slept through it. Something about charge conference might have been mentioned. Evaluation? Well I preach and the Kingdom does not come. Evaluate that. “Love one another as you are loved” and 2 minutes after the bible study ends they’re gossiping under the oak tree.

Check. I’ve never met a United Methodist who did not want to serve. Especially if cake is involved.

So, if you would like to hear more about how to “order” a church, team, organization, co-ordinate with other churches and organizations to really make the greater good happen on earth as it is in heaven, please check back often. If you would like to know when something new has been posted or is happening you may sign up to be contacted. I won’t sell or give away your contact information. I don’t know how.