wellness-coachingThe shelf life of a solution is about a minute; as soon as one problem gets solved, another one comes along to take its place. There has got to be a better way to deal with problems than just running around putting out fires! Coach training gives leaders skills that (1) help build the capacity of others to solve problems, and (2) build the capacity of others to not settle for solutions but to work for shifts in thinking and behavior.


The coaching relationship is a setting where deep listening takes place on the individual level. A skilled coach can help a person go beyond solution to “shift”– that “new awareness” that catalyzes change.  Solutions are so tempting to offer, and to take. We like the fix, especially when it is quick. But speed is the enemy of transformation.


Real, lasting, deep down, authentic transformation of the new creation sort takes time and skill. When coached, an individual moves from solution to shift. Shift can lead to deep and lasting change, which can then impact the collective, the whole culture. The qualitative effect of shift on an individual ripples out like the pebble in the pond. Shift impacts the organizational culture thereby fostering lasting transformation through building the capacity of others to move beyond solution to shift. What might happen in your church or organization if you had a coaching culture? What fires might stay put out if more leaders had the necessary coaching skills to build the capacity of people to shift their thinking and behavior? I believe the word for what can occur is “transformation”.

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