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A Flynn Partnerships is a collaboration incubator. Part peer learning, part think together tank, we serve those who desire to create collaborative partnerships for the greater good. Ultimately, we see a better world achieved through collaboration and multiplying abundance.



Coaching, consulting, and clergy.



I am clergy. My husband is clergy. My dad was clergy. His dad was clergy.

About Me

About Me

Thinker | Creative Problem Solver | Empathizer | Listener | Lover of Classic Rock and Roll | Pastor | Friend | Spouse | Mom | Grandma | Coach | Consultant | Ally | Encourager...

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"Annette has been invaluable to me at many points in my work. She was an integral part of a dialogue in which we built common ground among some of the most contentious voices in religious political activism, no small feat in our deeply divided world. I trust her counsel implicitly. She is a gift to any organization that chooses to hear her wise and disciplined words."

Steven Martin President, Vital Visions

When I first came to Annette, I felt trapped in my circumstances and backed into a corner because of some bullies who had issues with me. Years before I started working with Annette, I had been silenced by a man who was my superior. He treated me like I had no value or worth. It has taken me years to process what happened to me. And, I had been in counseling to overcome the anxiety from abuse and the negligence of leadership in my profession, but I needed something more to help me overcome the loss of power and control. So, I prayed and talked to Annette who taught me how to harness the power that was taken from me. As I prayed and talked to Annette, the power returned and I was able to harness it to stand up for myself and my family. Since the time of my coaching with Annette, I have successfully advocated for myself and my family so that I can reclaim my purpose and place in society and in my community. There is nothing worse than being a victim of abuse, but there is a way out. With help and coaching, I now work and live with confidence and hope.

A.M. Pastor